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Japanese women eschew human relationships, find love in virtual characters

If the dating game is getting you down, you might consider following the lead of Japanese romantics who are in committed relationships with virtual characters. A study by the Japanese government found that more than 37 percent of people surveyed had little interest in pursuing romantic relationships because they viewed them as “bothersome.” Some Japanese men and women look to circumvent the inconveniences of human-to-human interaction through dating and romance apps. Men tend to prefer dating sims like Love Plus, which allow a player to adjust his virtual girlfriend’s mood and personality, exchange romantic emails, and send his beloved virtual gifts. Women, on the other hand, are often drawn to otome, or romance novel apps. These story-based games are less interactive than Love Plus, and require players to develop a relationship with a male character by the end of the game. All of this virtual wooing will do nothing it boost Japan’s abysmally low birth rate, but hey, love and let love.

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