Shattered ceilings

First female president elected by Nepalese parliament

Newly elected Nepalese president Bidhya Bhandari (C) greets supporters as she leaves parliament after her election win was announced in Kathmandu on October 28, 2015. Nepal's parliament elected lawmaker Bidhya Bhandari as the country's first female president October 28, after the adoption of a landmark constitution last month. (PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images)

Bidhya Devi Bhandari, a longtime campaigner for women’s rights, became Nepal’s first female president this week after receiving 327 votes  in parliament against her opponent’s 214. The 54-year-old communist was considered to be a favorite for the ceremonial position among lawmakers. Her election follows last week’s appointment of Onsari Gharti, who became the country’s first female Parliament speaker. Bhandari, a member of Nepal’s Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist-Leninist party, has been a political figure since 1993 and has extensively lobbied that Nepal’s new constitution require the nation’s president or vice president be a woman.  The new constitution took seven years to adopt and now also requires one-third of the nation’s lawmakers be women and for the inclusion of women in all government committees.

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