Australian man to face court for making online rape threats


Zane Alchin, a 25-year old man from Sydney, has been charged by Australian police with “using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offense” after allegedly sending rape and death threats to several women on Facebook. He had made the threats against members of Sexual Violence Won’t Be Silenced (SVWBS) — an online advocacy group that had been set up by friends of Olivia Melville, after she had been “slut-shamed” online by another man. While local police initially told them that little could be done about the threats, SVWBS successfully initiated an online campaign, calling for Alchin to be charged. While the group told Buzzfeed they were happy that Alchin will now be going through the legal system and hope that justice is served accordingly, they also acknowledged that “not every person who experiences online violence has the time, resources or support network to start a campaign after being harassed,” adding that the group would continue to “fight for better laws, training and education surrounding online harassment,” regardless of the case’s outcome.

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