Three wise monkeys

All-male Fox News panel weigh in on women wearing leggings

(Piotr Redlinski/The New York Times)

A week after a Tennessee woman’s video discussing whether “leggings are pants” went viral (hint: she thinks they’re not), Fox News decided they should get in on this next chapter of the Culture Wars. On Tuesday’s episode of Fox and Friends’, host Steve Doocy assembled a “panel of fathers” — consisting of Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala, the husband of Fox anchor Julie Banderas, Andrew Sansone and Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson — to discuss whether they were “comfortable with the women in [their lives] parading in public in leggings.” A series of patronizing and sexist comments ensued (with Robertson, for example, saying leggings are not an issue for his daughters because they wear shirts long enough to cover up “the lady parts.”) To complete the segment, they paraded three women in leggings in front of the three wise patriarchs, to judge their outfits and whether they had “earned” the right to wear them. “Obviously her physique, God bless you, you’ve worked out, you’ve earned that,” Arthur Aidala told one of the three women “And there are appropriate places to wear that but I wouldn’t wear that to church on Sunday.”

Watch the full segment here and read the full story at Quartz.

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