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Intrepid woman breaks up protest outside Planned Parenthood with cardboard sign about yeast infections

By WITW Staff on October 27, 2015

“F**k this s**t,” exclaimed 29-year-old Mary Numair when she looked out the window of the cat lounge in Portland, Oregon, where she works and saw a protest of the nearby Planned Parenthood clinic underway on Sunday. One woman carried a sign that read “Abortion Kills Children.” Numair leapt into action, she told Slate in an interview, and quickly fashioned a makeshift sign out of cardboard and masking tape, and headed out to to disrupt the protest. “In my first seconds of walking out there, I did get called a whore,” Numair recalled. “One woman was shaking her head. I knelt down to her kid and said, ‘Do you know about yeast infections?'” The sign she’d quickly cobbled together read, “Dear PP, thanks for helping with my yeast infections!”

Numair has suffered from recurring yeast infections throughout her twenties, and before she had health insurance, she explained to Slate, she went to Planned Parenthood to receive treatment. Out on the street, Numair was the only counter-protester on hand, but with the help of some honks from passing cars, she said her incessant chanting about yeast infections wound up dispersing the protesters — in less than half an hour. Numair thinks she may have come up with a template for breaking up Planned Parenthood protests, of which there’s been an uptick lately since the fight over abortion rights has heated up again.

After breaking up the demonstration, a very satisfied Numair posted another photo of herself holding the cardboard “yeast infections” sign.

By Tuesday, Planned Parenthood caught wind of Numair’s tour-de-force and gave her a shoutout on the organizations’s official Twitter feed.

Not, too shabby, Mary. Not too shabby at all.

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