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5 DIY costume ideas for “Hilloween” that you need to know about

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re still looking for a costume, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has some plucky DIY ideas for you. In a post on her campaign website, Clinton’s team wrote, “From her simple beginnings in Park Ridge, Illinois, to her statement-making years as secretary of state, Hillary has always showcased her signature style.” Following that, the campaign, which has been enjoying a lift in the polls lately, offers up five costume ideas for Halloween, all based on various time-periods in Hillary’s life — from a high-schooler at Park Ridge to a sunglasses-wearing, tweeting-from-her-smartphone secretary of state. Our favorite is the ’90’s-era “Cold Shoulder Hillary,” based on a Donna Karan dress she wore to one of the early state dinners she attended as first lady in 1993. Flip through the slideshow above to see all of the costume ideas. Interestingly, campaign staffers named each of the photos with “hilloween” tags, clearly a bit of an inside joke.

Get all the info on what you’ll need to get each look at Clinton’s campaign website.

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