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Free at last

Undercover raid sees 48 girls, women saved from Mumbai sex traffickers

By WITW Staff on October 26, 2015

Operation Underground Railroad, a charity founded by Utahns, saw the rescue of 48 women and girls from human traffickers in two separate Mumbai raids this month, KSL reported. In both raids, human traffickers allegedly hid the victims behind a trap door and at least six of the people recovered were underage. Five traffickers were also caught. “They open up a trap door and throw these girls behind the wall and close it up,” Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, said. “And that’s where they live. They live basically behind drywall, in a tiny little space, and they throw food and water to them and they are absolute slaves.”

In the past, Ballard worked for the CIA and the Department of Homeland Security. An investigation into the backgrounds of the victims is ongoing.

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