Frightful faux pas

You can take a selfie with Jack the Ripper and his victims this Halloween

A picture shows a street near Spitafileds market where Jack the Ripper killed most of his victims in London. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

The recently opened and widely criticised “Jack the Ripper Museum” in London’s East End has offered up a unique opportunity to visitors this Halloween. A press release from the museum advertised that next weekend, visitors will have the chance to take “a selfie with the serial killer” in front of the bodies of his victims, like Catherine Eddowes.

The “Jack the Ripper” museum hasn’t specified what their “Ripper” will look like (or if he’ll have a selfie stick on hand), though film director Bruce Robinson recently claimed to have discovered Jack the Ripper’s identity, naming a popular Victorian era singer as the gruesome killer.

Though Halloween is a time to celebrate all things spooky, the museum has come under fire for sensationalizing Jack the Ripper’s violent crimes against women. On Twitter this week, users called the the museum’s plan “vile,” “insulting” and “a new low.”

The museum originally billed itself as a women’s history museum dedicated to “[telling] a story from the perspective of women.” When it was announced that it would instead be “Jack the Ripper” themed, the public was anything but pleased. Since its opening, many have accused the museum of overlooking the rich history of women in London’s East End.

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