Woman, 100, works 6 days a week and 11-hour shifts each day

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A 100-year-old woman from Buffalo, New York, works 66 hours a week handling laundry and dry cleaning duties at an area laundromat. Felimina Rotundo arrives to work at 7a.m. each day, Monday through Saturday, and says she has never considered retiring because she enjoys putting in a hard day’s work. Rotundo turned 100 in August and she has enough energy to rival the Millennials who are a quarter of her age. Rotundo says she’s been working for a mind-boggling 85 years and thinks “old people” shouldn’t be just sitting around doing nothing. “Too many old people are retiring too young,” she declares. If people are in good health, according to Rotundo, they shouldn’t consider retirement until age 75. So, where’d this incredible work ethic come from? “I grew up during the depression when things were really bad, and you had to go to work at 15, ya know?” Rotundo says. “It does something to you, ya know, it makes you grow up fast.” And the spry centenarian has no plans of quitting anytime soon. “I’ll keep working until I can’t walk anymore,” she says with a laugh. “I’ll work as long as God will let me.”

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