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Abortion fight

The men who are conspiring to take down women’s reproductive rights

By WITW Staff on October 23, 2015

David Daleiden, the leading and most effective opponent of reproductive rights in America is benefitting from a new partnership between Charles Johnson, an incendiary blogger who is, perhaps, more controversial than Daleiden, and Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, a notorious hacker. And the partnership, at least so far, is turning up all the mystery and intrigue of a Hollywood caper.

On Thursday, Johnson and Auernheimer released the remaining unseen Planned Parenthood videos that a judge had prevented from being publicized. Daleiden’s organization this summer released numerous surreptitiously-filmed videos that painted Planned Parenthood in a negative light. Although the videos were discredited for having been manipulated through editing, the explosive footage reignited the culture war over abortion in the U.S. Following the uproar over the videos, a judge ordered the unreleased videos to be sealed temporarily. Neither Johnson nor Auernheimer are worried about the legal risk associated with defying the judge’s orders, and both told The Washington Post they see the videos as a matter of “public interest” and their release as “a free speech issue.” How the two obtained the sealed footage is still unclear. Some speculate that Daleiden, who is friend’s with Johnson, leaked the footage to him. Daleiden has reportedly denied being Johnson’s source.

As for who the tipster is, Johnson and Auernheimer told an elaborate story and said the IP address of the person who leaked the videos and other files originated in Washington D.C. Plus, Johnson says, within hours of having uploaded a 76-second video to YouTube on Thursday, he heard a knock on his door and saw a man with a gun standing outside his house.

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