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Adele releases video for first new song in 3 years

“Hello, how are you?” a soul-tortured Adele asks in her new song, which was released on Friday. Well, since you asked Adele, we’ve been empty and longing. Yearning for some new music, from you, Adele. It’s been three years, after all. And now that we have some new music, a soulful ballad titled “Hello” from her forthcoming album 25, what can we say? Very few singers are capable of stirring emotions in listeners the way 27-year-old Adele, with her deeply powerful vocals, can. And that’s what happens in “Hello.” The lyrics and the vocals, chronicling the fallout of a relationship gone wrong, are melancholy — a tone that’s underscored, unsurprisingly, by the F-minor key of the piano pounding behind Adele’s voice. And the video, drenched in sepia, matches the heartbroken subject matter. So give it a watch and a listen — and don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the floor in the fetal position, wrapped in a blanket and fighting back tears. Or fretting over whether or not to call that ex whose heart you wantonly destroyed years ago.

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