Sheryl Sandberg slammed online for praising Paul Ryan on Facebook


“The Lean In Award of the day goes to Paul Ryan, for saying he worries how becoming House Speaker would affect his children, ‘who are in the formative, foundational years of their lives’ – and that he won’t do the job unless he can still make them a top priority,” Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

She immediately came under fire from commenters who pointed out that Ryan isn’t exactly the poster boy for promoting work-life balance.  Several journalists and pundits had already pointed out the inherent hypocrisy in Ryan’s remarks, as he has often put his weight behind measures which would help working families, including voting against a bill for paid parental leave for government workers, or cutting child care subsidies in budgets he drafted.

“How can you support him when he doesn’t support family leave for everyone else?” Jennifer Todd Runaas wrote in one of the most liked comments. Fellow Facebook-user Molly Sibley Giering noted; “He is notoriously against poor working families, including cutting subsidies for child care, and not championing family leave time. Family time should not be only for the rich or those that can afford it.”

Others came to Ryan and Sandberg’s defense, however, with Marty Coleman arguing, in a comment approved by Sandberg herself: “She is not endorsing his political stances, she’s endorsing his commitment to his family. As a matter of fact, her support for him in this regard could very well help put pressure on him to be more supportive of family leave and other policies.”

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.

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