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Access to care

Republican-controlled Ohio Senate votes to block Planned Parenthood funding

By WITW Staff on October 22, 2015

After two brief hearings, the Ohio Senate on Wednesday voted 23-10 to deny state and federal funding to the state’s 28 Planned Parenthood centers. Now moving forward to the House, Senate Bill 214 would redirect $1.3 million dollars from Planned Parenthood to other health clinics, departments and centers that do not perform or promote abortions — though only three Planned Parenthood centers in Ohio offer the service. All offer cancer screenings, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and reproductive health education.

The money would be re-distributed to clinics around the state, but most do not provide gynecological or family planning services, as Planned Parenthood does. “Just because it physically exists doesn’t necessarily mean it would provide the services that would go away if Planned Parenthood were to not receive funding,” Senator Capri Cafaro, a Democrat, said.

Senate President Keith Faber, the bill’s sponsor, said that the legislation came as a result of a series of undercover videos released by an an anti-abortion group, Center for Medical Progress, that said it showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the illegally sale aborted fetal tissue. The organization claims the videos have been manipulated. Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood said it will no longer accept reimbursement for donated fetal tissue.

“This bill is not about women’s health care,” Faber said. “It’s about whether we’re going to fund an organization that has its senior leadership nationally, who by the way get money from Ohio, who believe it’s good public policy to chop up babies in a way it makes their parts more valuable so they can buy a Lamborghini.”

Since presidential hopeful Governor John Kasich came to power in 2011, sixteen anti-abortion measures have been passed in Ohio.

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