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Fighting back

Violinist Mia Matsumiya publishes ten years of online harassment on Instagram

By WITW Staff on October 21, 2015

Since the age of MySpace, professional violinist Mia Matsumiya has been the recipient of unsolicited, sexually aggressive messages on social media. For more than ten years, she has saved each instance of harassment and collected them in a folder called “creepiness.” Now, Matsumiya is sharing her chronicle of online abuse on an Instagram account called @perv_magnet. The messages she has posted range from generically disgusting (“would you like to see a pixxx of me aroused by your beauty?”) to downright terrifying (“after i dissect you i’m going to cook and eat your upper lip first”). By posting these messages, Matsumiya hopes to create a space for women to share their experiences, and for men to discover the true face of online sexual harassment. “Personally, I don’t know any woman who hasn’t been the recipient of creepy behavior,” she told Dazed. “It’s unacceptable and so depressingly rampant. I want my account to be a place where women can commiserate and men to just learn what women can experience online. I don’t know yet what can be done about it but I feel like the first step is definitely to shed light on the issue.”

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