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Ronda Rousey: “I don’t want the word woman to be in front of champion”

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In an interview with comedian Chelsea Peretti for Self published this week, celebrated Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Ronda Rousey continued her reign as the nation’s fighter-slash-media-darling by providing insight into what makes her tick. It’s been quite a year for Rousey: with a 12-0 record, she is the current fighting champion of the world, male or female and she was recently cast as the lead in the upcoming remake of Road House. Seems there’s no chance that she’ll slow down any time soon. (We hope!)

“I want my name to be mentioned along with Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali,” she told Peretti. “And I don’t want the word woman to be in front of champion.”

The telling interview shares Rousey’s history as a Santa Monica teen (where she used to “fight for Frappuccinos”) and the attitude it takes to be a fighter (“If I say that I’m the best in the world, sometimes people think that’s really cocky and arrogant, but I had to work hard to be able to believe in myself.”)

Rousey also shared sage advice from her mother, a fighting strategy that also carries over into everyday life: “You have to be your best on your worst day, because what if the Olympics fall on a bad day?”

Read the full interview at Self.


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