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Colorado college town retains ban on topless women

October 21, 2015

Fort Collins, a college town in Northern Colorado has decided to uphold its ban against topless women, despite a growing movement looking to get rid of the indecency code. On Tuesday, the city council voted against changing the code, sustaining a $250 fine for a woman over the age of 10 to display her breast “below the top of the nipple,” while allowing an exception for public breastfeeding.

“It just doesn’t seem right to allow female toplessness,” Councilman Ray Martinez defended the ban. “People are going to say, ‘We go to Fort Collins and run around topless.’ And I don’t want that.”

Supporters of changing the code rebuked that argument, saying they wanted to remove gender bias from a law that isn’t enforced anyway, which “wouldn’t lead to an explosion of women going topless in public.” Opponents of the change also made their voice heard at Tuesday’s hearing, expressing their fear for a rise in sexual assaults, or even car accidents, if women would be allowed to bare their breasts on the streets of Fort Collins.

Read the full story at US News.


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