Doctor’s orders

No drinking — at all — pregnant women, American Academy of Pediatrics says

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

According to a new clinical report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday, women should not be drinking any adult beverages at all during pregnancy because alcohol-related birth defects are “completely preventable when pregnant women abstain from alcohol use.” The new position comes at a time when the debate over whether it’s safe for pregnant women to consume moderate amounts of alcohol has been raging for years, with many experts suggesting small quantities of drinking are “fine.” But the medical community seems to be skewing back to the old policy of prohibiting all forms of alcohol — wine and beer included — as evidence of a range of degrees of harm mounts. The new stance by the American Academy of Pediatrics comes a few months after The British Medical Association struck a similar position on expectant moms consuming alcohol. The top official at the organization said: “Exposure to alcohol before birth is one of the most significant cause of childhood brain damage, learning disability, poor behavior and even criminality, affecting up to one in every 100 infants.”

Read the full story at NPR and read the complete clinical report here.

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