New York magazine to publish week-long survey of college sex

The fraught and fluid sexual interactions of college students are to be the subject of a week-long survey by New York magazine, who are looking at “what it means to be young and in lust in 2015.” At the same time as the spectrum of acceptable sexual relations seems broader than ever, the magazine reports, accounts of campus rape have also reached a fever pitch.

Studies show as many as 25 percent of college women report having been raped, and a new generation of activists has called out college administrations for their limited responses. In an effort to hear from some “on the ground” voices, New York magazine polled more than 700 students, and spoke at length to dozens more, about their sexual histories.

Among their findings: “…campus feminism itself appears to be in flux about the hookup — still focused on consent, to be sure, but also recognizing how that focus has blinded us to the basic issue of quality in sex, both physical and emotional. We’ve gone from safe sex to free sex to consenting sex — will good sex become the next movement?”

Read the full story at New York.


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