“Worst aunt ever”

Woman who sued nephew for wrist-breaking hug says insurance only offered her $1

Jennifer Connell and the nephew she sued, Sean. (Courtesy TODAY)

Jennifer Connell, who faced an onslaught of online abuse and has been dubbed the “worst aunt ever” after losing a lawsuit against her nephew who accidentally broke her wrist during a hug, has now given her side of the story. Connell said she only brought the case because the insurance company didn’t want to pay up and she was struggling to pay her medical bills. A statement from her law firm said: “From the start, this was a case… about one thing: getting medical bills paid by homeowner’s insurance. Our client was never looking for money from her nephew or his family. It was about the insurance industry and being forced to sue to get medical bills paid.”

A jury took just 25 minutes to decide Connell wouldn’t be awarded the $127,000 she sought.

Connell said her insurance company only offered a dollar in compensation, and because of homeowners insurance law in Connecticut, she had no choice but to sue her nephew directly. Appearing on the TODAY show with her nephew, she said: “We love each other very much and this was merely a case formality.”

Her nephew Sean backed her up, saying: “She would never do anything to hurt the family, myself and she loves us.”

Connell described the experience as heartbreaking and painful, and like walking into a film of someone else’s life. “It was a complete shock to me, it was amazing how I walked into court that morning and walked out all over social media.”

Read the full story at The Independent and watch Connell and her nephew on TODAY.


Manhattan woman loses lawsuit against 12-year-old nephew who broke her wrist with a hug

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