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Female entrepreneur raises $7 million for her wireless diaper-changing pad

Tech entrepreneur Ann Crady Weiss has raised $7 million in funding for her parenting startup Hatch Baby. The company’s first product will be a $299 wireless-enabled diaper-changing pad, which will be able to measure a baby’s weight, and transmit that information to a smartphone. During the first few weeks of an infant’s life, fluctuations in weight can be significant; Hatch Baby’s changing pad will allow parents to chart their child’s development without needing to see a pediatrician. Weiss told Forbes that while the fundraising process for Hatch Baby went smoothly, she was often acutely aware of her gender while pitching to predominantly male investors. “In this day and age, I don’t believe anyone intends to discriminate against anyone,” she said. “Every funder is looking for a backable team and idea. But I think the reality is, there are times when discrimination is unintentional. When you don’t have exposure to something, you don’t understand it, many, many studies have shown that there are subtle and unintentional bias that enter into people’s mind.”

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