“Ermahgerd Girl” tells the story behind her infamous (and also hilarious) Internet meme

Maggie Goldenberger seen in her famed Internet meme.

Maggie Goldenberger, also known as the “Ermahgerd Girl,” opened up to Vanity Fair about what it was like to experience everyone’s secret worst nightmare. When she was 23-years-old, Goldenberger discovered that an awkward photo of herself as a child had been disseminated across the Internet and turned into a meme. The photo in question showed Goldenberger clutching several Goosebump books and sporting pigtails, a retainer, an unfortunate vest, and a rather unflattering expression. The image had been captioned “Ermahgerd Gersberms!” — the spelling is meant to reflect the speech of someone who is both very excited and burdened by intense orthodontics — and with that, a meme was born. Goldenberger told Vanity Fair that she found her inadvertent Internet fame to be “so f***ing weird,” but not particularly hurtful. In fact, she said the photo was taken while she was goofing around with friends, playing a character named “Pervy Dale.” So in a way Goldenberger has always been in on the joke — or “jerk,” as it were.

Read the full story at Vanity Fair.

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