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No shame

Dancing tampons accompany “Period Song” on children’s TV

By WITW Staff on October 16, 2015

A Swedish children’s television program has released a music video of a song about menstruation, sung by young male host Alex Hermansson and featuring dancing tampons with googly eyes. The Period Song will air on Friday on a dedicated children’s channel, Barnkanalen, on public broadcaster SVT; with hopes the clip will destigmatize menstruation while educating young viewers.

Translated into English, the cheery first verse — which ends with a sudden splodge on the screen of what appears to be blood — says:

It’s a thing that happens to girls sometimes
They don’t want to talk about it
Maybe they’re a bit ashamed
They don’t want us to know anything at all
But we know, that it, it’s something totally normal
We just need to be a little extra nice to them
Show a little patience
It’s just a little blood

There’s a rousing chorus:

Period, period, hip hip hooray for period!
The body’s working as it should
And that is really, really good – hooray!

And the song also features a bit of rap, including the catchy: Join us as we celebrate, this is a tribute – menstruate!

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