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Carly Fiorina tells anti-Muslim voter, “I’m not willing to condemn any group”

At a campaign event for Carly Fiorina this week, a voter told the Republican presidential candidate that he believes Muslims in the United States are “really raising heck right now.” “They want to change our whole country to suit them,” he said, according to a video from CNN. “If they don’t like the United States, get out of here. Take your camel and beat it!”

In response to the anti-Muslim rhetoric, Fiorina noted that some are “frustrated and angry” with the “immigration situation,” adding, “Let me say that one of the most important things about this nation is that we judge people as individuals. I’m not willing to condemn any group of people. I’m willing to judge each individual.” Donald Trump responded differently to such sentiments at a rally in September when he failed to correct an attendee who said, “We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one.”

Read the full story at Talking Points Memo.


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