Happy birthday!

108-year-old reflects on her longevity

Virginia Davis turned 108 on Friday, but the last big birthday party she can recall was her sweet 16th, when she went to “the moving pictures” with a group of friends, and her mother served cake and ice cream.

That was 92 years ago and Davis has outlived her husband as well as her son, who died in his 80s, but still has a 76-year-old daughter.

The Santa Monica resident remembers moving to Los Angeles via bus more “well over 70 years ago.” She and her husband had just one suitcase between them. She can also recall the Great Depression and working as a waitress, for 25c an hour. Milkshakes cost a nickel — a favorite treat for both her and her husband, who would each get one and then take long walks around the city.

Life is more sedentary now. Davis says she spends a lot of time at home, in her recliner and listening to the radio or watching news shows. She hasn’t lost her sweet tooth though, or the pleasure of routine. On Friday night, as every night, she will enjoy a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream before bed.

Read the full story at the Los Angeles Times.

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