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Trivializing transgender?

Serbian doctor vows to change sex after ‘anti-woman’ law passed

By WITW Staff on October 15, 2015

Mirjana Stanojcic, a 64-year-old Serbian physical therapy specialist, was told in July that she would soon be forced to retire. In an effort to cut costs in the country’s budget, a new law had passed requiring female public sector employees to retire at age 60 and men at 65 and Stanojcic was outraged. “I have a male colleague who is the same age as I am, and I have been told to retire while he will keep working,” she told AFP. Her solution? “I decided to become a man and keep working in accordance with the law.”

Although she’ll be 65 by the time the process would be complete, she’s already started the application process to for sex reassignment surgery and has received press coverage throughout Serbia, as well as backlash from transgender rights advocacy group Gayten-LGBT, who say her idea “trivializes the lives of transgender people who are one of the most marginalized groups in Serbia.” In addition to appeals from ombudsman and a commissioner, the attention she’s received has caused a suspension of the law’s enforcement while it awaits a final ruling.

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