Online turbulence

Photos of women airline crew being stuffed into overhead bins spark outrage


Photos of a Chinese airline’s “industry ritual” have gone viral on social media, and not in a cute, baby-panda-sneezing sort of way. The images, which were uploaded onto the app WeChat, show female employees of Kunming Airlines lying in a plane’s overhead luggage compartments. The post claimed that the cabin crew were “forced into lockers by security staff upon completing 30 to 50 hours of service” as part of an “industry ritual.” Kunming Airlines issued a statement saying that it was investigating the incident, and that it had never received complaints from cabin crew regarding this behavior. But on its official Facebook page, Chinese State broadcaster CCTV News wrote that “multiple stewardesses have … consistently filed complaints to the company but their requests were ignored and the ritual continued.” Outrage over the incident has rippled across Chinese social media, with users posting comments like, “Air stewardesses have it hard enough with difficult passengers and irregular flight schedules. Imagine having to deal with additional trouble from colleagues who should clearly know better.”

Read more at the BBC.

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