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What it looks like when men are Photoshopped out of politics

By WITW Staff on October 13, 2015

What would this world look like if all men would suddenly disappear from all board rooms, negotiating tables and governments? A pretty lonely and empty place, it seems, as we can see from Elle UK’s video, which photoshopped men out of these bastions of power. The effective video shows Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel having a meeting all by themselves, Emma Watson being surrounded by emptiness at the United Nations, and vacant benches in the British Parliament dotted with just a handful of women.

With this campaign, Elle UK is hoping to boost awareness about the lack of representation for women in the highest echelons, and says they hope to create a positive conversation on the issue: “Our new initiative #morewomen, will celebrate the global power of women’s collectives in a playful, engaging way,” their campaign statement reads. “Smart, successful women are too often portrayed as one-offs: fierce individualists concerned with their own success.”

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