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Double standard

Hillary Clinton dishes on how she’s handled sexism on Capitol Hill

By WITW Staff on October 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton did not mince words when she was interviewed on Buzzfeed’s “Another Round” podcast, arguing that women were held to a “completely different standard” in politics. Women are expected to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time, which is not easy to do, adding that it’s frustrating for a woman in “any profession” to be criticized for being themselves. “How is a woman supposed to behave? Well, how about the way she is,” the Democratic frontrunner told Buzzfeed. “And then people have to figure her out as opposed to her having to figure out everybody else.” When talking about harassment on Capitol Hill, Clinton said she had encountered some “troubling” people whom she knew to avoid when she first got there. And when asked whether she had ever told a man to go “f*** himself,” she said that she had. “I’ve encountered those kinds of situations over the years. And sometimes you just have to ignore what’s happening because there’s a larger issue you’re trying to deal with, and sometimes you have to confront it, and it’s almost a snap decision.”

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