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Under surveillance

Computer scientists create a “global map of sexism”

By WITW Staff on October 13, 2015

A group of scientists at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) are setting out to create “the first data-driven map of sexism on a global scale”, by using data from incidents reported on the Everyday Sexism Project. That website lets users anonymously share incidents of everyday sexist behavior they have experienced. By taking semantic information from the +100,000 incidents reported on the website (which is available in 10 languages) and using “topic modelling algorithms”, they hope to distinguish “trends” and try to map the ways sexism is experienced in different places. For example, Taha Yasseri – a computer scientist working on the project – said that looking at the data from the UK he could see certain patterns, such as the fact that many of the reports were related to harassment in schools. With the project, Yasseri hopes to draw the public’s attention to the pervasiveness of the issue, and help to make “practical definitions of sexism and how it appears in different cultures.”

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