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“Dutch Matroesjkas”    

Photographer captures 5 generations of women in the Netherlands

By WITW Staff on October 12, 2015

Named after multigenerational Russian matryoshka dolls, “Dutch Matroesjkas,” is a series from photographer Marieke van der Velden that documents a rarity — families that boast five generations of women. The series was inspired by the “circle of life” that these women provide one another, she told The Washington Post.  “Women are the ones who physically give life to the next woman. I like that idea.” The portraits, all depicting families in the Netherlands, were mostly taken in the home of the oldest living woman. Included is a family whose great-great-grandmother passed away just two months before the project started. Van der Velden included the women in the series, shown posing with a framed image of the deceased matriarch to prove the phenomenon as “temporary, like everything in life.”

View the images at The Washington Post.