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Gender gap

Women in Hong Kong set to outnumber men by 1 million in 50 years

By WITW Staff on October 11, 2015

In present-day Hong Kong, a city of seven million, there are currently 200,000 more women than men. The city holds one of the widest gender gaps in the world, one that is expected to only get larger, according to government projections. Over the next 50 years, women are expected to outnumber the city’s men by one million – and even though Hong Kong’s women are more educated and paid more, old-school Chinese notions of male dominance are still in play. Men are supposed to marry women in a lower class, while women are supposed to marry up — and a woman’s age plays a huge role.

“The lower class men will look north to find women, because of their attraction to women of younger age, or women who are better educated, better looking, and they have a choice of women there, because of the status they bring when they meet the women from China,” Professor Angela Wong, co-director at the Gender Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told Channel News Asia. There are perks for unmarried women, Wong argued. “When women and men are not married, their career development is almost the same.”

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