Syrian women speak out against men who are fleeing the country

A Syrian woman speaking out about men who are fleeing the country and leaving women and children behind. (Daily Mail)

Wives and mothers in Syria who have seen the men in their country fleeing to Europe and, in many cases, leaving women and children behind have had enough of the abandonment. In a series of video interviews conducted with women living in a Syrian refugee camp, many women are seen denouncing the men for leaving, wondering who will protect them and their children. One woman said the men who are leaving are abandoning their honor. Some of the women say Islamic law forbids leaving a native land in a time of crisis. “By Allah, it is wrong,” one woman said. “Isn’t this wrong? It’s wrong to leave your country and your family.” The woman called on the men who have fled to Europe to return and “defend the motherland.” Though many of the women have been forced to flee their homes during the four-year civil war that’s gripped Syria, they are loyal to the country and want to see the nation flourish again. The massive influx of migrants into European countries is the largest migrant crisis since World War II.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.

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