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NFL player suspended for domestic abuse says he judges players by attractiveness of their wives

By WITW Staff on October 9, 2015

Greg Hardy, a star defensive linemen in the NFL, has raised eyebrows with comments following the end of the suspension he was slapped with last year after being found found guilty of throwing ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder on a futon piled with guns and threatening to kill her. Hardy appealed that conviction and avoided prison after Holder refused to testify at subsequent trials. Preparing to make his season debut this weekend, Hardy declined opportunities to express regret over his actions, expressing a desire to come out “guns blazing” and talking at length about how attractive he finds Tom Brady’s wife and sister, adding that he votes for fellow players to make the Pro Bowl based on how attractive their wives or girlfriends are. After being informed of his player’s comments, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Sports Illustrated that he supports Hardy and even appeared to echo Hardy’s sentiment that women are trophies, explaining how after Brady married Bundchen, “Tom went up in my eyes 100 percent. She’s very, very attractive, and it shows what an outstanding individual Tom is.” Welcome to the world of football.

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