Survival story

Young woman shares powerful account of being homeless from age 15

Working with Safe Place for Youth, an organization intended to empower homeless youth, Cosmopolitan has published a powerful account from a 26 year-old woman who fled home at age 15. The woman, who goes by the alter ego Sarah, details a tough existence: after leaving her mother’s house, she lived with her boyfriend’s family before being booted out by his parents. By age 17 she’d dropped out of highschool, surviving by bouncing around the houses of friends and stealing from stores. At 19 she fell in love with an old friend and got engaged. Before her 21st birthday they’d broken up, leaving her with nowhere to go. She lived in her car from age 21 to 22. She attended trade school with the help of financial aid, reconciled and moved back in with her mother, then moved out again when tensions ran too high. Now at 26, she’s graduated trade school with honors, completed a program on web design coding, and works in web design. Many young women who leave home end up homeless or dependent on significant others. But according to Sarah, “as long as you have a good mindset, a good heart, and a good head on your shoulders, you can do anything.”

Read the full story at Cosmopolitan.

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