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Iran’s female entrepreneurs eagerly anticipate lift of sanctions

Iranian Nazanin Daneshvar, founder of Takhfifan startup company speaks on the phone in her office in Tehran. (BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

Female entrepreneurs in Iran are hoping that the lifting of economic sanctions will help their businesses. The country is well-known for its conservative values, but “in business the restrictions for women are less than other areas like politics,” says Mona Mahpeyma, 25, an aspiring Iranian fashion designer. Sanctions greatly increase the cost of raw materials imported into the country, dramatically impacting industries such as textiles.

The relaxation of sanctions will ease costs for businesses, and also make it possible for entrepreneurs to sell their services internationally. Despite the surprising prominence of female entrepreneurs in Iran, the presence of women in the workforce remains a contentious social issue. The rate of unemployment for women in Iran is twice that it is for men, and job cuts forced by sanctions tended to hit women harder, as employers prioritized male employees over female ones. So count Iran’s female entrepreneurs and workers among those who welcome the nuclear deal — they’re eagerly anticipating the impact.

Read the full story at The International Business Times.

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