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Indiana University frat suspended due to video of apparent sexual hazing

Screen shot from leaked fraternity hazing video.

If news of racist chants and hazing-induced deaths weren’t enough to make you feel repulsed by ribald fraternity culture, this story ought to do the trick.  The Alpha Tau Omega chapter of Indiana University was suspended after a video of an apparent sexual hazing was posted on Twitter. The 29-second clip appears to show a group of shirtless men, crouched around a student who is performing oral sex on a woman while being kicked and slapped. A crowd of clothed men looks on, cheering. The woman receiving oral sex is reportedly a stripper, and it is not clear if the encounter was consensual for either party. The university has launched an investigation into the incident and issued a statement saying: “Indiana University takes its responsibility to foster a culture of care and respect among the students on its campuses extremely seriously. If true, the alleged actions on the part of some members of the Alpha Tau Omega chapter run completely contrary to that commitment. They also would represent violations of the university’s student code of conduct and will not be tolerated.”

Read the full story at Gawker.

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