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House Republicans establish select committee to investigate Planned Parenthood

Pro-life activists testify during a hearing before House Judiciary Committee September 9, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to establish a select committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. The vote was split along party lines, with only one Republican opposed and only two Democrats in favor. The measure was necessary, according to Representative Steve King of Iowa, because the justice department wasn’t “doing their job.” King explained that he’d watched a majority of the leaked Planned Parenthood videos, and that they “strongly indicate that Planned Parenthood has confessed to violating at least two federal statutes.” King also called Obama’s promise to veto spending cuts to Planned Parenthood “a sign of corruption,” referring to the women’s healthcare provider as “a client of the Democratic party.”

In the wake of House majority leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments implying that the Benghazi investigation committee’s purpose was to politically hamper Hillary Clinton, Democrats were quick to draw allusions, and condemned the move as partisan showmanship. “If there are issues that are related to the federal laws…those should be investigated by the Department of Justice and other authorities, not a politically motivated select committee,” said Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio. And so the fight over Planned Parenthood continues, with a new committee making its way into the ring.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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