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What do moms really think about spanking their children?

Yahoo Parenting is running a #NoShameParenting series in response to a phenomenon in which American parents are constantly being judged and shamed for the decision they make around raising their kids. One of the first entries in the series deals with the controversial practice of spanking children. Corporal punishment has been hotly debated and increasingly come under criticism in recent years — to the point where many parents say they’re often shamed for using such punishment methods, or even for other approaches to the finer points of child-rearing. According to a study commissioned by Yahoo Parenting, which was conducted in August of this year, a full 50 percent of moms who took part say it’s OK to spank your child. Some 53 percent admit to having felt judged for using such disciplinary methods. One expert told Yahoo Parenting that the figures may reflect parents who “were likely spanked growing up and may be thinking about bringing back what they feel worked for them as a kid.” And Yahoo Parenting asked a bunch of other intriguing questions of moms — including whether they have a favorite child.

Read the full story at Yahoo Parenting.

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