French farce

Broadcaster’s “pro-woman” advertisement pulled because it was sexist

What happens when women go out to work, according to a pulled France 3 ad.

An advertisement for a French broadcaster has gone horribly awry, being pulled from the air amid accusations of sexism after it was tested on Twitter. France 3 conceived the promotion — they thought — in the spirit of women’s equality, to highlight the fact there are a large number of female presenters at the public broadcaster. But they went about representing that by showing an empty house where everything is going wrong. Something has caught fire in the oven, a man’s shirt is aflame on the ironing board, and the bathroom — toilet seat up — is a mess. The soundtrack to this femme-free disaster area is a famous French pop song from the 1970s, with the lyrics: “Where are the women?” All on air at France 3, is the answer apparently — not at home, keeping things in order. The new head of France 3, Delphine Ernotte, the first woman to hold the role, immediately ordered the footage to be pulled. Her representatives told French media the ad “was not close to her sensibilities”.

Read the full story at the Guardian.

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