Closed clinics

In Texas, some women are being hit with a 20-day wait for an abortion

A rally outside of an abortion clinic in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Jana Birchum/Getty Images)

Researchers from the University of Texas-Austin have found that women seeking abortions in cities such as Dallas, Forth Worth, and Austin face an average wait time of 10 days before they can get the procedure. Within a given month in the Dallas-Fortworth area — where there are five abortion clinics — average wait times reached up to 20 days. These extended wait times are a result of successful legislative efforts to close Texas abortions clinics. In 2013, Texas passed HB 2, an anti-abortion law that reduced the total number of Texas’ abortion clinics from 41 before the measure to 22 just four months after the bill took effect. Today, Texas has 18 clinics. The final provision of the bill is up for potential review by the Supreme Court. If the provision comes into effect Texas will see its number of abortion clinics slashed to 10. Current wait times of nearly three weeks not only endanger the health of women seeking abortions, but also can increase the procedure’s cost up to a hundred dollars each week. Should Texas be left with only 10 clinics, wait times will only increase – researchers expect the number of second-trimester abortions in Texas to nearly double, from 6,600 to 12,400.

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