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New York’s first transgender model agency changes the face of fashion


Since opening in March, Trans Models NYC – the city’s first transgender modeling agency – has recruited 19 models, been booked by significant clients (including Smirnoff and Budweiser) and been fielding inquiries about featuring in a reality TV series. The entire stunning team can be seen in a video posted online by the agency last month and via a lively Instagram account. “I had the idea of starting an agency that was devoted to transgender modeling for a while, but never really had the push, “ said Thai beauty queen Peche Di, who launched the company. “That changed when I realized that fashion industry was not as inclusive as I had hoped.”

Two other transgender modeling agencies currently operate in the United States: Transcendence Icon in Boise, Idaho, and the Los Angeles branch of Thailand’s Apple Model Management. Di,who was profiled by the Atlantic last month, is herself transgender and spent several years looking for an agency to represent her, only to feel they “didn’t understand” her. Finding work was a struggle.

That’s not the case these days. Di told the Atlantic she is busy preparing an all-trans fashion show for New York Fashion Week in February 2016, as well as drawing up plans for a conglomerate called Trans Media, that she hopes will encompass Trans Models, a TV channel, and other yet-to-be-created subsidiaries.

The goals of the company are more ambitious than simply generating income, she said. “Success for us goes way beyond securing employment. Trans Models is a vehicle for advocacy and a means of rendering visible and celebrating a people who have been discriminated against and marginalized. Trans models is ultimately about expanding the circle of inclusiveness in our society.”

Read the full story at Viral Women.


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