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Clinton rumored to appear this weekend on Saturday Night Live

(L) Getty; (R) Reuters

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to appear “live this Saturday night!” on Saturday Night Live, returning to the show for the first time since appearing alongside Amy Poehler in Clinton’s 2008 run for the presidency. Clinton’s camp has yet to officially confirm the story, her appearance is intended to be “top secret,” but The New York Times reports that Clinton is set to play a part in the opening skit alongside SNL‘s current Clinton impersonator Kate McKinnon. Clinton has been making a whirlwind of appearances in the media as she prepares for the upcoming presidential election, visiting The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, and conducting a candid interview with Lena Dunham, creator, writer and star of Girls, for Dunham’s new Lenny newsletter. Appearing on SNL requires being able to laugh at yourself, and Clinton deserves credit for bravery. It will be tough to top Amy Poehler boldly imitating Clinton’s patented guffaw to Clinton’s face, but Kate McKinnon will no doubt be giving Clinton her best shot.

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