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Bad odds

Women more at risk for consequences of climate change

By WITW Staff on October 1, 2015

Women in the developing world may be uniquely affected by climate change — and inclined to come up with unique solutions. Reports indicate that small farmers in the developing world will be dramatically impacted by climate change, and most of these small farmers are women. According to the United Nations WomenWatch, women make up 45-to-80 percent of food-production work in developing countries. They’re also more likely to be responsible for gathering water and fuel for fires, and as climate change makes these resources rarer the time women spend on these tasks will increase. Women also tend to be more greatly impacted by food shortage and are more likely to die in the aftermath of calamities such as floods. However, women in the developing world are also hard at work crafting solutions. In Nwadjahane, Mozambique, for example, women’s associations have been pushing shifts to drought resistant crops.

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