Anti-abortion activist detained in Australia for entering country on cancelled visa

Troy Newman, president of an anti-abortion group, inside the organization's headquarters. (Steve Hebert/The New York Times)

Troy Newman, the leader of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and a board member of the Center for Medical Progress (the group that released sting videos of Planned Parenthood this summer), has been detained in Australia for entering the country on a cancelled visa. Newman was scheduled to give a series of talks sponsored by an Australian anti-abortion group, but his visa was cancelled by Australia’s Immigration Ministry after politicians expressed concern he could incite violence towards women seeking to use reproductive services. Newman, who believes that doctors who provide abortions should be executed for murder, says the revocation of his visa “was based on a pile of lies, including the idea that I promote violence.” Spokesmen for Operation Rescue say Newman does not advocate violence, but supports the criminalization and punishment of abortion providers through law. Newman is expected to be deported.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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