Woman tracks down nurse who treated her 38 years ago

Photo via Facebook

Amanda Scarpinati of Athens, New York, was 3 months old when she was scalded by a steam vaporizer. The resulting burns required multiple surgeries and left Scarpinati disfigured, resulting in years of bullying from her peers. She took solace, however, in an image of her infant self being cradled by an anonymous young nurse in a picture published in Albany Medical Center’s 1977 annual report. Happily, 38 years later, Scarpinati has managed to track down her hero after posting the photo to Facebook. Within 12 hours her post went viral. A former nurse at the Albany Medical Center saw the picture and messaged Scarpinati, identifying the young nurse in the photo as Susan Berger. Soon a local television reporter managed to track Berger down and she and Scarpinati were able to reunite over the phone. Ms. Berger, who now oversees the health center at New York’s Cazenovia College, and Ms. Scarpinati both described the encounter as amazing. “She just has such a gentle, caring voice,” said Scarpinati, “just like I imagined she’d have.”

Read the full story at ABC News.

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