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Oakland Athletics hire Justine Siegal, first female MLB coach

(Norm Hall/Getty Images)

In a historic move, the Oakland Athletics have hired Justine Siegal on their coaching staff for Oakland’s Instructional League club in October, making her the first official female major league baseball (MLB) coach. She has already ranked up an impressive resume, which includes a PhD in sport and exercise psychology, as well as many firsts – being the first woman to coach in pro baseball, and the first to throw batting practice to MLB teams. Moreover, she founded Baseball For All, a non-profit that helps provide opportunities in baseball, particularly for girls. While this current position only lasts two weeks, there is a chance it might turn into a full-time coaching position. Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, Siegal said she didn’t expect her gender to be a problem for this job: “I’ve found from experience that men are surprised to have a woman coach, but when they realize you know what you’re talking about and that you care, you fit right in with the rest of the staff,” she said.

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