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No pictures, please

Clinton’s campaign causes rethink by ultra-Orthodox papers on pics of women

By WITW Staff on September 30, 2015

Mainstream newspapers have been hit hard by the digital era, but the US’s largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish publications are quietly thriving. The advantage that many of these publications have is their readers’ distrust of the internet and desire to read a newspaper in line with their own beliefs. One convention, however, may soon be challenged. None of the large ultra-Orthodox Jewish publications show women in photographs, often going to elaborate lengths to crop women from photos. But publications have acknowledged that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, not showing her image could be so unfeasible as to force a change in policy. Interestingly, many of the administrators running these publications are women. While most support the policy, at least one such woman, Shoshana Friedman, the editor of Mishpacha, indicated mixed feelings: “Every now and then,” says Friedman, “I get a letter from a reader who asks, ‘Why don’t you run pictures of women? I want my daughter to have role models in life. I want her to see that women can achieve great things.’ For these women I don’t have a good answer.”

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