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Woman’s Facebook post on fertility expectations goes viral

Emily Bingham/Facebook

When Emily Bingham, a freelance writer from Michigan shared an ultrasound image on her Facebook page – it didn’t come with the kind of joyful announcement you might have expected.”Hey everyone!!! Now that I got your attention with this RANDOM ULTRASOUND PHOTO I grabbed from a Google image search, this is just a friendly P.S.A. that people’s reproductive and procreative plans and decisions are none of your business. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” she wrote in the post, which has since then been shared over 55,000 times. She goes on to explain that a “seemingly innocent” question might cause grief, stress, pain or frustration to people who might be struggling with fertility or the question whether to have (more) children for a whole variety of reasons. In a later comment, Bingham explained that her “rant” was inspired by a friend who had been struggling with fertility treatment and was asked just one month after her first child was born when “baby number two” was coming. Her post drew praise from many other women, several of whom shared their own experiences with fertility expectations.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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