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Women in tech

Cybersecurity field has a women shortage

By WITW Staff on September 29, 2015

While there is more need than ever for cybersecurity professionals, the number of women in the field is falling. A new report by ISC2, the largest organization certifying cyber professionals, found that in the last two years the number of women in the profession in developed countries fell from 11 percent to 10 percent. There are, however, vast opportunities for women in the industry: 62 percent of surveyed firms believe their firms do not have enough security professionals. “We have a huge workforce shortage,”said ISC2 official Elise Yacobellis. “If we brought more women into this field, I believe that gap would lessen.”

The problem runs deeper, though, with a pay gap between men and women in the industry. While 47 percent of men reported earning at least $120,000 a year, this was only true for 41 percent of women — and this might be keeping women away from the occupation. Companies should work harder on addressing this (unconscious) gender bias, argued Joyce Brocaglia,  founder of the Executive Women’s Forum for information security professionals: “Companies are saying that they want to hire more women in information security and have more women at the most senior levels, but I don’t often see them making the investments they need to ensure that,” she said.

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