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Corrupt governments hold back women, Obama tells UN

By WITW Staff on September 28, 2015

Ahead of his address to the General Assembly today, Obama spoke briefly to the Sustainable Development Goals conference at the United Nations, taking aim at corrupt governments and urging the United Nations to live up to its mission. “Peace, to have meaning, must be translated into bread, rice, shelter and education,” he said, arguing that bad governments are holding back people from getting the resources they need. He also blamed them for discriminating against women. “One of the best indicators of whether a country will succeed is how it treats its women,” the president said. “I do not have patience for the excuse of, ‘Well, we have our own ways of doing things.’” President Obama will address the UN General Assembly this morning, and already warned ahead that – since this is already his seventh time – he will tend to be “more blunt.”

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